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New Mini labo

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  • Spring Selection

    Spring is here!! And who said spring says. 

    Mini labo has concocted for you a little selection to succeed your picnics and sunny events

  • Notebook Selection

    Pretty stationery!

    Notebook, notebooks, these pages waiting to be filled with your drawings, your thoughts or your lists!

  • Sunny selection
    Mini Lab offers a selection of products to brighten your home.

    Ocher, golden yellow and tart nuances give pep to our everyday objects!
  • Autumn selection

    Because Autumn is coming, Mini labo created a little selection for you in order to stay home on rainy days, drink hot beverage and play activities with the kids.

  • 100% DIY activities

    Holidays are coming..

    Mini labo concocted for you a little selection in order do do many activities with the kids: From origami to garland creation and more, Mini labo holidays are going to be 100% creative

  • Summertime

    Discover our product selection for a great Mini labo summer!

  • Coral

    Soft coral color!

    Fall in love with coral shades and warm your home with this vibrant and full of gluttony color.

  • Blue

    Mini labo offers you a selection of products in all shades of blue that smells like a holiday.

  • Graphic selection

    Mini Labo is happy to propose you a selection of graphic patterns in all the colors!

  • Precious pink

    To celebrate love but also happiness and tenderness, here is our selection in pink and gold, full of delicacy and softness.

  • Tulip

    If autumn is the suitable time for planting tulips in Mini Labo they already bloomed!
    Discover soft colorful selection which comes in accessories and decor.

  • Back to school

    It's almost back to school!

    When the holidays are over.... Mini Labo offers you a small selection to help you get started!

  • Gold

    To warm up the spring, Mini Lab offers a selection of objects in this vibrant and sparkling range.

  • Gift card

    With Mini labo gift card you can please your friends or family by giving them the choice of articles, colors and number! Cool idea for Chrismas and birthdays.

  • Poping selection

    With winter coming, with Mini lab we want colors that delight our day!

    Here is our selection of products and accessories that gives Pep's!

  • Bucolic Selection

    Can not wait for spring!

    At Mini labo we created motifs that remind us of the fields!

    Here is our selection of products and accessories in soft colors!

  • Green Selection

    To extend the summer, Mini labo offers a selection of products in this warm color for even more sun!

  • In The Woods

    A walk in the woods? Nature inspires us every day

  • Mini labo x Tamao

    Creations by the artist Tamao, Japanese embroiderer inspired by the world of Mini labo.

  • Garden Selection

    A little walk in the garden! Nature inspires us every day!

  • Glimmering Selection

    Mini labo offers you a selection of products to make the sun last even longer in your home.

    Blue, golden yellow and tangy shades give pep's to our everyday objects!

  • Tea Time

    Selection for tea by Mini labo.
    Our collection of porcelain, thermos or refined and trendy textile tableware. Pop colors, geometric patterns, refined shapes...
    To snack but also to decorate.

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Showing 53 - 104 of 205 items
Showing 53 - 104 of 205 items